Services We Provide

At Brent Agee Financial & Insurance Services, we provide a cohesive list of services to meet your financial goals and objectives.


Retirement Planning- What would you like to do when you retire? Spend a year in Tuscany. Learn to play the piano. Visit every Major League ballpark. Enjoy more time with your grandchildren. Since many people spend 20-30 years in retirement, you may have the time to do the things you want....but, will you have the resources?

The amount you will need in retirement depends upon a number of variables, including the age you plan to retire, your desired retirement lifestyle, how long you expect to live and the rate of return that you expect to earn on your investments. We can help you design a retirement plan that will maximize your earning years to create the comfortable, independent retirement you desire.

Education Planning- Planning for your children's education can be a major financial consideration. Planning early allows you to take advantage of the time value of money and help minimize the savings requirements. We can help you develop an effective savings strategy that considers asset allocation and takes advantage of the education plan that would best fit your child's needs. We will direct you with prioritizing your education objective with your insurance needs, retirement needs, major purchases and current income needs.

Estate & Legacy Planning- What you value may be more important than what you own. To follow through on your commitments--to yourself, your family and your ideals--you need to think ahead. A personalized estate plan is important in helping to protect your family and your legacy.

A well constructed strategy can help address your specific estate planning needs. Minimizing income and estate taxes, transferring wealth from one generation to the next, developing charitable gifting strategies and aligning existing portfolios and retirement accounts with your estate plan, are all important things we can help you consider in your financial picture.

Employer & Employee Benefits- There are a number of issues that business owners face, including providing employee benefits, obtaining business insurance and transferring the business upon death, disability or retirement. For most small business owners, their business lives and personal lives are inseparable. The financial planning process helps business owners to manage both business concerns and personal concerns so that they can achieve all of their goals and dreams.