We offer a variety of Life Insurance and Financial Products to fit your needs. 

Please review the full range of products and contact us to help you fully analyze your needs and recommend appropriate solutions.

Investments*- We offer investment solutions to help you develop a sound, long term investment strategy.  Whether you are planning for retirement, educational needs or estate planning, we can tailor a plan to meet your goals and objectives with your risk level.

*Offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC) A Licensed Insurance Agency.

Life Insurance- Many people think that life insurance is only for people with families.  While it is true that life insurance can help provide for the needs of dependents, life insurance also can be an important part of a well thought out estate, business succession or a charitable giving plan.  Permanent life insurance offers many living benefits as well, such as tax-deferred cash value accumulation.  For all of these reasons, life insurance can be important for someone starting out or someone starting over.

Long Term Care- Long -Term Care Insurance is still a relatively new type of insurance product.  Many people do not understand what long-term care insurance policies cover, how and when the policies pay benefits, and who should obtain coverage.

Medical Insurance- We offer both individual and group medical plans from most of the leading carriers and can assist you with designing a plan that best fits your financial needs and objectives.

Disability Insurance- Many people believe their biggest asset is their home, but for most of us, our biggest asset is the ability to work and earn an income.  Not being able to work -due to a job loss or condition that takes away the ability to work- is often financially devastating.  That's why for many, the real solution to the disability problem is individual disability income insurance.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income- Lifetime Income Annuities are designed to assist you in managing the investment risk with your retirement nest egg.  It can provide a stream of income for as long as you live--no matter how long that is-- and helps ensure that the fruits of your financial efforts will continue to sustain you throughout retirement.

*Guarantee is based on the claims paying ability of the issuer.

Annuities- An annuity is a unique financial vehicle designed to help you accumulate money for your retirement and/or turn a lump-sum of money into a guaranteed stream of income payments.  Annuities can also provide tax advantages to help maximize your accumulation or income strategy.